What does Operation Paladin do?

Operation Paladin has successfully conceptualized, designed and developed web-based software and a mobile app that gathers information and provides an assessment of students who are at risk of committing suicide or violent behavior. Paladin’s goal is to provide schools with this technology with little to no impact on the school’s budget.

Has this process been tested and used in a real-world setting?

Yes, our technology has already successfully gone through the real world application and testing process in an actual high school setting. The founders of Paladin have witnessed actual students that have overcome personal crises through the application of our technology.

On what basis is the process founded?

Paladin has leveraged decades of research conducted by the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Department of Education to create this product. Additionally, we have drawn on the expertise of numerous mental health professionals, data scientists, security experts, suicide experts, violent behavior experts as well as our own expertise and experience as law enforcement and education professionals.

Why are other methods of reducing student suicides and violence less effective?

Unfortunately, students’ needs are not currently being met because of the lack of standardized assessment and intervention protocols. Additionally, the warning signs that are observed by individuals who interact with students on a daily basis are not viewed in a contextual setting that allows that individual to understand how severely the student is struggling. There is a lack of communication and collaboration among the individuals who have influence in the students’ lives. Furthermore, much of the research and recommendations on how to effectively intervene is simply not common knowledge.  The task of helping a student in a crisis is complex, daunting and can be overwhelming.

Another challenge that our society faces in addressing this problem is the desire to find a macro solution. Unfortunately, this topic often sparks emotions that lead to discussions about gun control laws, parenting styles, religion, lifestyle choices, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, mental health treatment techniques, culture, social media, bullying, etc. While these topics are relevant, and they deserve our consideration and attention, they require massive sweeping changes in our society that can only occur over extensive periods of time – even decades.

Our solution approaches the topic on a micro level. Each situation is unique and requires a case by case approach. As mentioned, the task of helping a student who is having a crisis is complex, daunting and can be overwhelming. School resources and personnel can be limited. However, the Paladin software does the heavy lifting by leveraging modern technology.

Is the software difficult to use? Does it require the user to have extensive law enforcement, mental health and/or technical skills?

The Paladin software is intuitive and does not require extensive training or technical support for the users. The main coordinator(s) using the software are Senior School Administrators, School Counselors and/or School Psychologists. The software will immediately add value to the communities where it’s being used with minimal training.

How will use of the software help manage and minimize liability risk for school administrators?

Ultimately and most importantly, this software will save lives. However, another valuable consideration is the fact that if a tragic event does occur, even with the use of this software, the affected surviving individuals will know that proactive documented efforts were made in an attempt to prevent the tragic event. School administration will be able to review and provide documentation that measures were taken. Not only will this provide emotional comfort, but the program will also reduce and/or eliminate legal liabilities that could arise from the tragic event.

How is private or sensitive information protected?

The software has privacy security features built in and is designed to be used only by school officials and health professionals who are authorized to gather private or sensitive information. Additionally, the parents or legal guardians of the student are involved in the intervention process and will expressly provide consent to share information on an “as needed” basis. The technology is designed to meet or exceed schools’ exist privacy policy requirements as well as comply with HIPAA, FERPA as well as any other applicable privacy laws.

Does the software leverage Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, the software does incorporate Artificial Intelligence functionality. The system is designed to receive thousands of data inputs from school employees and parents on a daily basis. Proprietary algorithms then filter through data in order to help identify which students need the most assistance at any given time.